How to make your ads appear in Google -- An SEO Introduction For Online Sellers

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We know that many of you are eager to find out when your Mybenta ads will appear in Google, and some are asking what the SEO tags in the ad description are for. To answer those pressing questions, we have created a simple guide so you could get better results/visibility on Mybenta and Google through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is a process that makes a seller's ad content appear in search engines and gets high-ranking in search engine results.

What are the different search results?

There are two types of search engines we want to talk about. The internal search results when buyers search within Mybenta site, and the external search results when they search through other search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

As a seller, your goal is for your ads to show up higher in Mybenta search results, because landing on the top page results means better exposure to buyers.

Making it through Google's top results connects visitors to Mybenta site, and in turn, to your ads. SEO, then, is an important marketing strategy to attract more visitors to Mybenta and better ad visibility to gain more customers.

How to improve your exposure in Mybenta and Google search results?

The key simply lies in how you create your ads, its Ad Title and Description.

Mybenta system does NOT rank classified ads based on the most latest ads or item condition (brand new or second-hand). There is also NO NEED to update and repost ads each time. We believe it is a waste of seller's time and effort, which can be used productively instead to find new items to sell or share their ads on social networking sites.

Advertisements are ranked based on HOW RELEVANT your title and ad description are to the buyer's search keywords.

We provided 75 characters for the ad title and 65,000 characters for the ad description so you may have the freedom to post all the necessary information about the item or service you are selling/offering. Ad duration is 3 months and renewable, so sellers can maintain their hard-earned SEO ad rankings.

When creating an ad title or ad description, remember to include the keywords buyers type when they want to search for your item. Create a good content that targets buyer's keywords. Longer description means more keywords.

High ranking SEO example

Pack your ad description with complete details your potential buyer is looking for. You might want to include:

  • Brand, model, & specifications of the item/service
  • Benefits of the item/service
  • Compatibility
  • Local Area
  • Condition of the item (brand new, second-hand, with defect, original, generic, etc.)
  • Payment mode
  • Pick-up or delivery options
  • Contact details

If you would notice, there's an SEO tags field when you are creating your ad. It would be helpful to take the time to add relevant keywords to that field, since Google will index those SEO tags to match the search terms of buyers as close as possible.

Search result tags preview

Mybenta extended the duration of the ads so you could focus on improving your ad content. Creating a good ad content, not only boosts your visibility in the Mybenta search results but also enhances your exposure in search engines like Google.

Please feel free to share additional tips in SEO to our online selling community.

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